The Best Things to Do & Try in New York

Savor Every Moment New York, New York the city that never sleeps, The Big Apple, Gotham, or the center of the universe whichever name you want to use to describe this bustling highly populated city is worth a visit by all at least two times in your life. It gives you so much to do and see in just this one city area alone. Boredom...Read More

What Does Japan Offer

A Place Rich In Tradition My love for the Japanese culture all started out from when I was a kid watching all their different types of Anime, to playing Nintendo video games, and learning about their tremendous powerful history it has not lost its appeal to me even now. The traditions can still be seen, experienced, and enjoyed by all when taking a trip to...Read More

Australia Know How Guide

The Country Down Under An abundance of outdoor activities, multicultural foods, and nature at it’s finest from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. This country and continent have all you need to get up and get moving every day. Make sure to pack your best outdoor/hiking shoes to be ready to travel anywhere on foot to take in the sites. In need of a new pair...Read More

Italy Which Cities Are The Top 5

Thriving In Every Area Italy has always been one of my top destination hot spots to travel too as it speaks to my taste buds please bring on the fine wine, great pastas, and romantic scenery. Have your bags packed, strap that travel fanny pack around your waist, and get ready to jet off to a land of revitalizing arts, top brand fashions such as...Read More