The Best Things to Do & Try in New York

New York City it gives you so much to do and see in just this one city area alone. Boredom is not an option here. This is a place where you come to live, build your social standing, discovery yourself, be entertainment on Broadway, try to make it on Wall Street, see amazing iconic landmarks and structures plus so much more.

How To Spend Your Time In Spain

Art & Architecture Galore With A Booming Nightlife MelissaTraveling has always been a love of mine. My inspiration comes from the people around me, the objects I encounter on a daily basis, and the things that make me happy in life. Spain intrigues me due to its amazing architectural buildings, the art & culture, and…

What Does Japan Offer

The traditions can still be seen, experienced, and enjoyed by all when taking a trip to this marvelous country of comradery and fun. Whether hiking Mount Fuji, staring in awe at the cherry blossoms, or shopping like you have never done before in this industrialized technology advanced nation just explore Japan like there is no tomorrow.