Travel Jamaica What To Know Beforehand

It Provides An Island Bliss


Traveling has always been a love of mine. My inspiration comes from the people around me, the objects I encounter on a daily basis, and the things that make me happy in life.

A Caribbean getaway is always a great choice for a travel destination. Jamaica is one of the places that is mentioned quite often as a place to see. It is a country with wonderful reggae music which world renown Bob Marley for sure helped bring to the forefront. It produces great athletes and like the superstar Bob Marley, varies gold medalist Usain Bolt has made Jamaica once again well known and cemented his name with all his world records in track and field.

Jamaica does produce great people and culture. The beautiful land alone makes people want to visit and soak in the island goodness of this place. I believe it is worth it to be on the sights to be traveled list.

The flag of Jamaica and the island layout of all the cities.

The Culture Is Inviting

The Jamaican vibe can be said to be international, lively, and good-nature people meaning it is a mixed breed of people from when they were first discovered with huge influences from European, African, and Indian cultures mixed into the Jamaican way of life. It is known as one people, there is not a distinction between the races because to them it is only one race Jamaican.


They do big celebrations, are family oriented, party, and appreciate a good laugh. The people look out for another and they for sure keep it real with each other. No filters or hidden meanings in their words, but also not intended to be mean or come off rude in their speaking it’s just how they talk to say what is true to them. They love to talk, mingle, and show off their country to all who will come. You will get the feel of a friendly atmosphere while you’re there enjoying your paradise on the beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to bring your kindle with you for some good reading and relaxation when your taking in that island breeze.

Celebrate in the colors of Jamaica

Popular Foods To Try

Besides the wonderful culture and people, the food is amazing. Every dish is prepared to perfection. Jamaica has some very special foods that showcases their great rich land. The endless varieties of food and drinks only makes this place worth visiting.

The best of everything from Breadfruit, Callaloo, Ackee, Festival, and Avocado!

Starting off with their national fruit:

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  • Ackee and Salt Fish which can be eaten with almost anything
    • The dish is yellow in color and one of my favorite things to eat.
  • People pair it with breadfruit cooked either boiled, fried, or roasted
  • Dumplings, Green Bananas, Yam, or Bread
  • Callaloo is green and a hearty vegetable to have it cooked for breakfast as a side dish or the main dish.
  • Rice and peas is a popular dish to serve on Sundays with any meat choice.
  • Stew peas, Curry Goat, Brown Stew Chicken is all some of the island’s favorites
  • A popular pastry is the patty which has a flaky outer shell and baked inside of it is your choice of beef, chicken, or callaloo

It doesn’t matter what they seem to make it just works and taste great in the process. They do have wonderful tasting drinks as well either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. They are well known for their red-stripe beer, their rum, sorrel, ginger beer made with real cane sugar, and you must try out their Jamaican rum punch. They have so many amazing other beverages make sure you take a sip of as many different drinks as you can to find your favorite one.

Just relax with some Jamaican Beef Patties and a Ting Drink

Can’t Go Wrong With This Travel Destination

Jamaica might be a very small island in the Caribbean compare to some of the other islands with it’s beautiful greenery of trees overlaying the countryside. It surely makes up for that by having such amazing people, great traditions and culture, and a variety of foods you will never forget once it touches your mouth. Being in a place like this that has gorgeous lands with crystal clear blue seas you will surely not want to miss out on visiting this place because of a fear of mosquitoes or other bugs. If you are like me who needs mosquito repellent then make sure to buy some before you leave on your trip I recommend this one by Sawyer to help you out because it is well worth taking a trip to this island getaway.

A gorgeous beach you just can’t beat island life

That’s all for now on sights to be traveled🗺 let’s travel to our next destination soon. 😁🎫🛫

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